The Intimate Life Coaching Experience

If you've made this far, it is likely you are either:

- struggling to find yourself

- a people pleaser who puts others before themself

- hiding your true identity/sexuality

- inexperienced with sex & intimacy

- fearful of judgement from others & change

- are craving a positive influence in your life to guide you

If one or more of the above resonated with you, don't worry, you came to the right place ! Keep Reading !


I've made it my life's mission to guide you to living your most authentic life by helping shed previous negative thoughts about yourself, embracing your sexual power & creating a home within yourself that is unbreakable.

I coach you from a place of personal experience and knowledge through my background as an expert in movement, the human body, sex and mindset studies.

Let me be the guide & positive support to help you find the answers to your life that are already within you.

The Intimate Life Coaching Experience

Step 1:

Pain Identification & Activity Modification

The first step in the coaching process is identifying the sources of your pain and reconstructing your day-to-day to make self-care a top priority.

By implementing positive daily routines, we can better manage stress, depression, anxiety surrounding exterior stressors in your life. This first step is the easiest to implement and you will see the changes quickly.

Step 2:

Envisioning Your Ideal Self

Once a new routine is implemented, your mindset is clear and ready to accept change, we start the process of envisioning your authentic self and ideal life.

We do this through positive affirmations, breath work, meditation techniques, ego disruption and other channels to help you embrace who your true self. This process can be more time consuming and emotionally challenging.

We will be exploring the parts of you that you aren't proud of, but through that exploration, we will shed away your previous identity to become who you want and deserve to be.

Step 3:

Integration & Guided Support

This final step is meant to help you maintain your new lifestyle and identity. As you enter into your new identity and begin your new life following your authentic purpose, you may find yourself fluctuating or feeling like you're falling short.

Your coach remains available for you to keep you from regressing and to help you maintain consistency in your beliefs and habits as you continue to grow.

The integration phase is where we create a home within you that is safe from external disruptions, challenges, and negativity.

If you are ready to stop living for others & start embracing your erotic power, book a FREE consultation call below with Dr. Kyle