Bodywork & Breathwork Sessions

What Is Bodywork?

- Bodywork is a mixure of massage, manual therapy techniques, stretching, cupping & more that aid in muscle recovery, relaxation & greater intimacy with self.

- As a trained Doctor of Physical Therapy, I provide an experience like no other by helping connect mind & body during sessions for the ultimate experience.

- Bodywork sessions are often a hybrid of hands on techniques, breathwork & mindset coaching to help you dig into your subconcious and have a revolutionary experience that leaves you feeling lighter & in a positive mind space.   

- Sessions offered include standard and sensual. Standard includes all of the above while sensual adds on an introduction to sensation techniques and light BDSM for those wanting to explore these avenues in a safe, professional environment.*

*All services are provided in a professional manner & no expectations of lewd behavior is to be expected by law.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an intentional practice that can positively alter your physical or mental state for a therapeutic effect. Your breath is the first thing you have when you come into this life and the last thing you can have as you exit this life.

By learning how to control our breath & utilize it to calm the mind & body, we can maintain better emotional control & make effective decisions

Breathwork techniques will be used during virtual and in person sessions to bring your attention to yourself & be more mindful of your current state of being. 

Dr. Kyle Dean Will See You Locally or Out-of-State For Bodywork Sessions. 

Breathwork Sessions can be done virtually or in person.

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